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    Lunablue Girl

    Lunablue Girl stands for dreams, hopes, peace, love and life.

    Lunablue Girl is for girls and boys, men and women who believe in a better world.

    This is store is for the free spirit that chase sunsets and dreams.

    Lunablue Girl is a shop that believes in the goodness of others, believes that kindness and respect can change where we live.

    Lunablue Girl is a store that believes in building people up and lifting others and that we are all the same. 

    Lunablue Girl is a store for those who believe in magic. It represents the girl and boy who never give up no matter how hard it gets.

    It is a shop that believes fashion can be translated into hope, passion and peace.

    The adventurer at heart that travels and seeks undiscovered paths.

    Lunablue Girl is for those with beautiful heart that can make someone sad smile that can show light when it is dark.

    Lunablue Girl is for anyone who can make a huge difference in this world who valued those around them. Lunablue Girl welcomes you because you are what we represent and because this world needs more people like you and together we are going to make a difference.

    Lunablue Girl is your store!  

    To Celebrate You!

    Lunablue Girl has a 30% discount across all items just for you when you subscribe to our newsletter!

    Subscribe Here and receive amazing discounts!

    Welcome to our tribe!

    Much love!


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    Fashion and Colours


    We wake up in the morning, have a shower, open our closets and we are drawn to an outfit!

     Blue Bell Sleeve Flare Dress Similar HERE

    This process can sometimes be a very long process and sometimes instant. So, why are we drawn to an outfit hanging many times so squashed amongst others? Was our decision made on the outfit alone or could it be influenced by the colour?

    Mini Yellow Dress Similar HERE / Straw Hat Similar HERE /

    Straw Bag Similar Here

    Colours reflect our mood, we let the world know straight away how we are feeling through outfits and colours. Let’s take a look at some colours and what they mean:

    Beautiful Purple Dress HERE / Image by Andrew Serov

    Purple: This colour comes and goes in the history of fashion. However, it was always a symbol of wealthy as it was worn by many kings and queens. It was exorbitantly expensive to make by using secretion from sea snails until Mr. Perk came along and found a new way to produce it. Thanks to Mr. Perk the world of Fashion now uses purple and anyone can wear the colour.

    Black Breasted Coat Similar HERE

    Black: This colour is so interesting because it was a colour to wear only when mourning until Chanel presented the world with the LBD (Little Black Dress) making it a all time favourite and at the same time undeniably safe to wear. Every woman must have a LBD in their closets, for those days that you do not know what to wear and you want yet to present yourself with a pinch of sophistication and class.

    Long Red Dress HERE

    Red: I believe there is no other colour more attention grabbing than the red colour. Often associated with love and passion, this colour projects energy. Many believe it is so powerful that can cause irritation when exposed to it too often or for a long period of time.

    Green Evening Dress Similar HERE

    Blue and Green: Are the opposite of red. These colours are calm and relaxing when used in the right shades.

    Softer shades of colours will more likely bring the relaxing effect they project. Sky blue, pale yellow, mint, grey, white and so on are colours that will instantly bring a relaxing vibe.

    Keeping this in mind, carefully choose what to wear and also when decorating your home or your office. Colours do have a powerful influence on all of us.

    Stay Safe! Take care!

    Much Love



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    Cover: The Virtual Denise from Pixabay

    Image 3: andrs-off from Pixabay

    Image Ebook Cover: Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels 

    All other Images: PhotosbyCris 

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    Ghostmoon – Bags Out of this Planet

    Welcome to planet GHOSTMOON. The amazing super cool stylish totes that are eco friendly fun and above all functional. I mean it. Ghostmoon was created inspired by the words of  COMMANDER HALBERT DOOLEY who pleaded to all of us human beings living in this planet to be more conscious about the need to look after Earth our only planet that is screaming for help and we must start listening and we must start doing something about it. All of us, it is our responsibility, it is our duty to maintain and care for the future generations to enjoy it the same way we do. 


    The Ghostmoon Philosophy has taken the challenge to start a movement by creating TOTE BAGSBACKPACKSJUTE BAGS and SHOULDER BAGS that are made with natural, organic and recycled materials. 
    Plus when you purchase a stunning bag from Ghostmoon you can be assured that you are contributing to change the way we wear fashion. Because 10% of your purchase will go straight to ONE GREEN PLANET A platform that is teaching and encouraging all of us to have a minimum impact on the planet. Every decision we make even a small one can make a huge difference and together we can reverse global warming we can help this planet to become healthy again and we can be the impact and the change we want to see.

    Nothing like having so much fun saving the planet, being conscious about our impact as well as playing with fashion. Below there are three ways you can wear the SHOULDER BAG Here I photographed it in three different ways, however the way you can use it is endless because they clip, unclip, add straps, no straps so I will not give you any more ideas because I want you to play with it.

    The TOTE BAGS and the SHOULDER BAGS have zippers which I love. I don’t have to worry about losing anything especially going to the gym, hiking, meeting with friends and so on. The size is perfect! You can fit a lot of items in them.

    The BACKPACKS  do not have zippers but when you pull the strings they close tightly and nicely I love them for a day on the beach to hiking to gym and they allow me to be hands free. They come in a perfect size and the designs of every single bag are so much fun. 

    This GHOSTMOON JUTE BAG will definitely be my number one go to bag for those casual looks that need a statement item to make any outfit an eye catcher. Who said they are only good for groceries shopping?  Well, I love mine and I will be taking it out with me everywhere. Love this bag.

    So let’s not forget when about to purchase an item that we need to think first on what we can do to use and reuse items that are focus on sustainable fashion. Because without our conscious actions today we may never have tomorrow.

    I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
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    Tiosebon – The Shoes That Fit my Lifestyle

    Good morning beautiful, 
    My life has transformed dramatically this year and to release stress and live a healthier lifestyle I incorporated a few activities to my everyday routine. However, I have been for a long time now looking for the right pair of shoes to keep up with me and my lifestyle, well I am glad to announce that I found the perfect pair of shoes TIOSEBON SHOES
    I exercise everyday, I also have children, a dog and my job. Life is super busy, so coming across a pair of shoes that is super comfortable and easy to wear was a relief! All I need to do is grab my TIOSEBON SHOES and put them on, it can be done in a flash because they are slip-on sneakers!
    The elastic on top makes it so easy to slip on and off. They feel amazing! I can do my yoga poses easily while wearing them because of the flexibility, softness and comfort. 
    The air mesh material allows the feet to breathe, there is a ComforDry sock liner that adds cushioning and makes the shoe healthier to wear. 
    Seriously, with the TIOSEBON SHOES I can also easily complete a series of activities without having to change them. 

    From Yoga, to stretches, to hiking or just do my grocery shop. 
    Or simply drive to the mountains and appreciate the view. These shoes are so light that I even forget I am wearing them. Pure comfort and the best of all the price is amazing. 

    I invite you to visit TIOSEBON SHOES to see full collection Use Code “TIO2” Get 10% off on $20 Plus Worldwide Free Shipping on $25  and find out more about this amazing brand. Also visit their INSTAGRAM  gallery for sales and promotions and to be the first to know all about new products! 
    What is your favourite exercise? Please let me know in the comments below. 
    Have a wonderful weekend! 
    xoxo Cris