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    Lunablue Girl

    Lunablue Girl stands for dreams, hopes, peace, love and life.

    Lunablue Girl is for girls and boys, men and women who believe in a better world.

    This is store is for the free spirit that chase sunsets and dreams.

    Lunablue Girl is a shop that believes in the goodness of others, believes that kindness and respect can change where we live.

    Lunablue Girl is a store that believes in building people up and lifting others and that we are all the same. 

    Lunablue Girl is a store for those who believe in magic. It represents the girl and boy who never give up no matter how hard it gets.

    It is a shop that believes fashion can be translated into hope, passion and peace.

    The adventurer at heart that travels and seeks undiscovered paths.

    Lunablue Girl is for those with beautiful heart that can make someone sad smile that can show light when it is dark.

    Lunablue Girl is for anyone who can make a huge difference in this world who valued those around them. Lunablue Girl welcomes you because you are what we represent and because this world needs more people like you and together we are going to make a difference.

    Lunablue Girl is your store!  

    To Celebrate You!

    Lunablue Girl has a 30% discount across all items just for you when you subscribe to our newsletter!

    Subscribe Here and receive amazing discounts!

    Welcome to our tribe!

    Much love!


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    Fashion and Colours


    We wake up in the morning, have a shower, open our closets and we are drawn to an outfit!

     Blue Bell Sleeve Flare Dress Similar HERE

    This process can sometimes be a very long process and sometimes instant. So, why are we drawn to an outfit hanging many times so squashed amongst others? Was our decision made on the outfit alone or could it be influenced by the colour?

    Mini Yellow Dress Similar HERE / Straw Hat Similar HERE /

    Straw Bag Similar Here

    Colours reflect our mood, we let the world know straight away how we are feeling through outfits and colours. Let’s take a look at some colours and what they mean:

    Beautiful Purple Dress HERE / Image by Andrew Serov

    Purple: This colour comes and goes in the history of fashion. However, it was always a symbol of wealthy as it was worn by many kings and queens. It was exorbitantly expensive to make by using secretion from sea snails until Mr. Perk came along and found a new way to produce it. Thanks to Mr. Perk the world of Fashion now uses purple and anyone can wear the colour.

    Black Breasted Coat Similar HERE

    Black: This colour is so interesting because it was a colour to wear only when mourning until Chanel presented the world with the LBD (Little Black Dress) making it a all time favourite and at the same time undeniably safe to wear. Every woman must have a LBD in their closets, for those days that you do not know what to wear and you want yet to present yourself with a pinch of sophistication and class.

    Long Red Dress HERE

    Red: I believe there is no other colour more attention grabbing than the red colour. Often associated with love and passion, this colour projects energy. Many believe it is so powerful that can cause irritation when exposed to it too often or for a long period of time.

    Green Evening Dress Similar HERE

    Blue and Green: Are the opposite of red. These colours are calm and relaxing when used in the right shades.

    Softer shades of colours will more likely bring the relaxing effect they project. Sky blue, pale yellow, mint, grey, white and so on are colours that will instantly bring a relaxing vibe.

    Keeping this in mind, carefully choose what to wear and also when decorating your home or your office. Colours do have a powerful influence on all of us.

    Stay Safe! Take care!

    Much Love



    Social Media
    Instagram: @photosbycris

    Cover: The Virtual Denise from Pixabay

    Image 3: andrs-off from Pixabay

    Image Ebook Cover: Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels 

    All other Images: PhotosbyCris 

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    Calling all Photographers and Creative Communities!

    A lot has happened since COVID19 stormed into our lives and turned everything upside down. We all got caught up amid a sea of confusion. However, human beings can adapt to pretty much anything. We can now make a choice to succumb to the disaster or to take this time in isolation and develop a world of our own. No better time than now to let the creativity flow and expose to the world our visions and how we see it. I find that quiet times have always made my imagination soar without limits.

    So, let’s take this opportunity to open our imagination, vision and show the world our best creative selves. Let me introduce to you VIEWBUG.

    VIEWBUG is a Photography Platform I have been a member since 2015. This platform has a lot to offer such as:

    Here you can get involved in some amazing Photography Contests where your work is judged by the best Photographers in the world. If selected you win some fantastic prizes such as the latest cameras, lenses, social media exposure, gift card bundles, photography gear, professional filters and so much more.

    Shop my Look

    Launch your own photo challenge or join photo challenges. Either way this is a great way to get inspired and find ideas. You will never get bored.

    Learn from the best. VIEWBUG is a great media to grow as a Photographer. The tutorials are easy to understand and professional in every sense. This is a library of photography courses. Now is a great time to improve your photography skills.

    Shop My Look

    That is right. You can build your own website on VIEWBUG! Get your domain and with an easy to build professional look site you can take your career to a new level.

    Make the most of all VIEWBUG has to offer. Design your professional logo! Protect your work.

    PhotosbyCris Style Studio

    Here you can sell your photography. Easy and simple upload tool. Photos must be a minimum of 4MB to be submitted to the marketplace.

    This platform is a great one to harness all your best images in one place. Here you can grow your portfolio and gain exposure all at the same time.


    Follow your favourite photographers and help one another. Comment on each other’s work, give and receive awards.

    Get inspired and inspire others. VIEWBUG is a place where the Photography Community gets together and gets behind one another. Here we help one another by encouraging and supporting each other.

    I invite you to join the VIEWBUG COMMUNITY! Use this uncertain times to grow as a photographer and visual artist. Show the world your views and your imagination through your images.



    I cannot wait to see you at VIEWBUG.

    Take Care. Stay Safe.
    xoxo Cris

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    Stepping Back in Time with Kate Kasin

    Let’s rewind and time travel to over 100 years ago with the glitz and glamour of my SEXY SEQUIN DEEP V-NECK PARTY DRESS from KATE KASIN 

    Over 100 years ago, sequin dresses were not yet something women would dream of wearing, however I decided to get in a time machine dressed in a beautiful sequin dress and take the glamour to a very different era where I managed to contrast the past with the lifestyle of the nowadays fashionistas. From the time of corsets which thanks to Coco Chanel we no longer are wearing as an everyday item, we women have come a long way and fought for our rights and freedom. We conquered the right to wear whatever we want and we no longer need to ride horses sitting with both legs to one side because we can wear pants. We have conquered so much, and yet we still need to continuously fight for our rights to be met, as we are not quite there yet. 

    Also so many other things happened back then and “We are not in Kansas anymore” yes we are not. I am actually at The Bearded Dragon Hotel in Tambourine Mountain where I visited and in the 1900 The Magic of Oz book by L. Frank Baum was released. 
    In 1918 the First World War ended. 

    Birth control was a new topic.

    In America The Prohibition took place and nobody could sell alcohol.

    I am so glad that many of the changes are positive and we are now able to wear sequinned clothes. It just feels like we walk around being showered by diamonds. 
    Ready to sparkle? Take the opportunity to get ready for the festive season that is fast approaching and get my dress HERE 

    Use code SEQUINDS to receive 40% off 
    the price before code: $31.86

    the price after code:$18.99

    Please feel free to add more facts to the changes we had in the last 100 years, I would love to read in the comments below. 

    Have a wonderful week



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    Rosegal New Arrivals and Super Sale Just for You

    Hello my beautiful friends,

    I have got some amazing news just for you. It is sale time with amazing discounts at one of my favourite online stores ever – ROSEGAL NEW ARRIVALS BUY 1 GET 1 30% OFF This offer is not to be missed as Christmas is not too far
    away now. Many of us can get lost or leave Christmas shopping for the last
    minute. We go through a lot of stress and end up not knowing what to buy, where
    to look for that special gift. So let me make it all easy for you.

    It is the DOUBLE ELEVEN sale. Plus get 15% off your first order and you can also get free standard shipping on orders
    over US$45.

    And there is more, the NEW ARRIVALS are to die for. Not only
    you will find amazing items, great deals, coupons, discounts on beautiful
    apparel for everyone you love but you will also find unmissable items for
    yourself. Do not never ever forget to treat yourself too.

    Well, I had a quick look and fell in love with some stunning
    pieces. I had the festive season in mind so my wish list from Rosegal New
    arrivals are below. 

    ELEGANT FASHION NIGHTCLUB SEQUINED TASSEL HIGH FORK STRAP DRESS This dress is perfect for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. The great thing
    about it is that you can wear all year round over and over again. Love the
    classic cuts, the black colour with sequins all over it. It is a stunner.

    ELEGANT AND STYLISH SEXY HALTER STRAP SEQUINED V-NECK DRESS this dress may be a mini dress but it screams party all over it. Great for a
    night out with friends, or for an afternoon cocktail, you choose
    the venue and I love the versatility of it. Super gorgeous with embroidered
    sequins. I need it. 

    ELEGANT AND STYLISH SEXY OPENWORK STRAPLESS SEQUINED SLEEVE DRESS and the colour is Apricot. Love this colour and yes I am definitely a big
    fan of sparkles so my choices here have sequins all over and sparkles all
    around. It is time to shine. 

    ELEGANT FASHION GRADIENT SEQUINS SEXY STRAPS NIGHTCLUB JUMPSUIT SKIRT  Yes sexy party dress. I am so excited about this beautiful
    gradient detail with two sequins colours. Let the party begin!

    Last but not least Let’s hit the beaches or night clubs with
    this amazing ELEGANT SHORT SLEEVE PERSPECTIVE SEQUINED LACE SEXY NIGHTCLUB MAXIDRESS Perfect for a night out with the girls or even as a cover up at the

    Now it is your turn. Quick visit ROSEGAL and see for
    yourself. The shopping is easy and the items are amazing. There is a search tab
    so you can type specific words if you already have in mind a special design or
    detail. Or browse all the way to find dresses, swimsuits, tops, etc..

    Wishing you all an amazing day!

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    Save Big With Rosegal This Halloween


    Since childhood, Halloween has always held a very dear place in all of our hearts. It
    captivates with a sense of romance and excitement. New relationships are formed
    and memories that last a lifetime are created. With Halloween knocking on the
    door, it is important to try and stay ahead of the trends with a fashion sense
    that showcases your inner ‘Boo!’. Perhaps more importantly, it is finally time
    to have a fun-filled Halloween that doesn’t break the budget. So, to ensure
    that this Halloween is special,
    Rosegal has introduced scary ways for you to save on outfits this 

    Halloween.Enjoy 20% OFF With Coupon: RGGOO and Shopping Now!

    Coupon Madness with Rosegal

    To help you and your wallet this Halloween,
    Rosegal has created the most exciting coupon system yet. Simply use the code
    HALLOWEEN12and receive:

    $3 off purchases $29 and more

    $7 off purchases $59 and more

    $12 off purchases $89 and more

    This special is limited to the first 500
    customers of the day, so avoid disappointment by being first in line to receive
    these scary discounts.
    Rosegal takes the cost out of Halloween so that you can simply focus on the

    An Extensive Range

     is proud to present a variety-filled range
    that boasts all kinds of costumes to suit the needs of any type of client. From
    vintage 1920-themed
    dresses and blouses to more contemporary Halloween costumes, we cater to
    all who seek a costume that brings out that inner child.

    Moreover, we also have provision for a
    plus-size Halloween, as we offer plus-size Halloween costumes in the form of
    dresses, blouses, cocktail dresses, and more. Thus, we ensure that Halloween is
    fun for all of our clients.

    Lightning-Fast Delivery

    Rosegal has recently upgraded its logistics system, making our delivery service one that is based on your convenience. We deliver to your home
    within a week, leaving you without all the hassle of leaving your front door.

    What to Expect

    With Rosegal , we offer an exciting range of Halloween-based products that are
    ready to help you take that party or gathering by storm. Aided by our extreme
    coupon adventure, we have ensured that our clients are best positioned to save
    this Halloween.

    In both our men’s and women’s ranges, we
    offer supreme quality whilst maintaining a price range that is competitive in
    every aspect. With our coupon system, we have created the means for our clients
    to enjoy even more budget-friendly ideas, as we take your exciting ideas and
    turn them into reality. For those who have missed the specials, we also offer
    an encore period which gives you free gifts to choose from provided your
    purchase exceeds $79.

    Remember: coupons are limited to the first 500
    customers every day. To avoid disappointment, visit
    to start your Halloween the right way. With our
    friendly staff who delight to serve our clients and prices which are in place
    to provide a suitably fun Halloween for everyone, Rosegal is the name that is
    fast becoming synonymous with the pinnacle of Halloween fun and adventure.
    Whether you’re looking for a plus-sized women’s costume or a unique men’s
    hoodie to dazzle your friends, is the
    destination for you.

    [1] Upon
    refund, the gifts will need to be returned alongside the refunded purchase.