Styling Services

Cris Santos is a certified Personal and Fashion Stylist based on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Personal Styling

1h – $150

Get ready to elevate your style with our personalized style service.

  1. Personalized Style consultation.
  2. Outfit Creation
  3. We will bring to you in home outfits for you to choose from with my help.

My approach is centered around your unique style, body shape and personal preferences.

Virtual Styling

$350 – $650

  • Style consultation via Zoom
  • 2h virtual styling session $350
  • 4h virtual styling session $650
  • Closet Detox
  • Outfit Styling

Closet Detox and Outfit Styling

1h – $150

Full closet and feeling you have nothing to wear? We are here to help!

What to expect:

1. We will go through your wardrobe and show you which colours and styles you are best suited to you.

2. We will identify clothes that need to go, clothes that should stay and clothes that need to be repaired.

3. You will learn how to best dress for your body shape, lifestyle and personality.

4. Your wardrobe will be de-cluttered and ultimately you will be left with the best colours, shapes and styles which work for you.

5. You will be given tips, showing you how to accentuate your best features.

6. You will learn how to put together new outfits with clothes in your wardrobe that you already own.

7. You will be advised on what items are missing from your wardrobe, if it is the case.

8. You will receive information on where to buy the missing items so you can look for them when shopping either on a personal shopping day, online and or alone.

Personal Shopping

3h – $500 or 4h – $650

Shop with your very own Personal Stylist to look your best!

1. You will be shown how to dress for your body shape, the colours that suit you the most, how to accessorize successfully and maximize what you buy.

2. You will gain invaluable tips on how to dress stylishly and confidently for your lifestyle and personality.

3. You will be introduced to shops which best suit your personality, style and budget.

4. You will be given helpful hints and tips on how to shop effectively.

Special Occasion Styling

3.5h – $500

This service will take the stress out and bring a stylish perfect look

You have a special occasion coming and not sure what to wear and one thing you are sure You want to be looking and feeling the best ever! Or you want to make sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. Whatever it is, let me help you make your special day a perfect day to remember and to be remembered.

Break Up Styling

2h – $200

Reinvent yourself!

This is a very delicate moment in your life. If you are leaving a relationship or a marriage, at times it can be so difficult and so overwhelming at the same time. This might be a good moment to start the healing process. I am here to help you to feel better about yourself. Time to start putting your life in order, it all starts with you. We can talk and develop the best services for you, maybe start with your closet, declutter, building outfits, going on a personal shopping, learn about your style and shape, create the outfits that will make you look amazing, add new items if necessary to give you, your wardrobe and your look a makeover.

Editorial Styling

1h – $250

The art of Fashion Styling for Photo Shoots, Cat Walks, TV and Movies

As a former model and Stylist, I have collaborated with several fashion brands across the world. I have an eye for the artistic visual impact needed in the field.

Elevate your brand visual narrative with our expert editorial fashion styling services.

What we do:

  1. High-end fashion editorials
  2. Luxury brand campaigns
  3. Fashion Magazine
  4. High-concept Story Telling
  5. Wardrobe styling
  6. Prop Sourcing
  7. On-set Styling

Style Coaching

1h – $150

Is all about working from the inside out.

This service will address the way you feel and how it reflects the way you see yourself.

It will help you to address issues starting from the inside and with the right help you will feel beautiful and confident inside and out.

This is a service that connect personal styling and wellness coaching.

Services are for 2h only for every extra hour a fee of $100 per hour applies.