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What many do not know is that the life of a blogger is more complex than you think.

Many of us blog about things we love, and I am not different.

I am blogging to help others understand a little more on facts I have expertise.

Most of us bloggers are professionals and most of us are professional bloggers.

In my case, I am a Gold Coast Real Agent and I blog about lifestyle. I also love fashion.

So here is a little bit of what’s happening.

I started this post with a Lifestyle Magazine Cover because this blog is a Lifestyle Magazine.

Real Estate:

Check 6 New Hot Home Decoration Items below. Improving the way your home looks will help you sell your house.

I was a Special guest at The Carers Foundation Fundraising at the Sovereign Islands and Surrounds Luncheon!

Amount Raised $15.500.00

Book of the Month:


LUNABLUEGIRL is now a magazine. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER to receive a free digital copy of Lunabluegirl Magazine delivered to your inbox. First edition will be sent on 01/05/2024.

Check it out Lunabluegirl Formal Wear Collection!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mom and carers of the world!

Cris Santos

Fashion Stylist Fashion Lifestyle Travel Blogger

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Allie Mackin
24 days ago

Very cool I did not know you are Gold Coast real estate agent. Yes blogging and working full time is complicated and a lot of work for sure. Love your look here, how fun!! And thanks for posting the tour!

Allie of

20 days ago

You look so fab!!! Love:)

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

Kudos to you for working full time AND blogging (which is a full time job in itself!). Love the magazine cover!


Julia Rees
18 days ago

Blogging and working full time is very demanding, and a lot of work for sure! It must be fun to be a real estate agent on the Gold Coast.
Julia x

Cris Santos
12 days ago
Reply to  Julia Rees

Thanks Julia. Yes you are right, I hope to educate people on how much work goes behind blogging. Have a wonderful day.

18 days ago

Hats off to you for juggling blogging AND working full time. I could never do that x


Giovana Oliveira
16 days ago

Really liked the video about hot decorating items!

Cris Santos
12 days ago

Thanks a million Giovana.

14 days ago

It’s really interesting how everyone who blogs does it for different reasons and has their own specific situation. It’s marvelous that you are also a real estate agent and it makes sense that your blog cover lifestyle because that does go hand in hand with real estate.

13 days ago

Working full-time and blogging is a lot! You look fabulous!

Cris Santos
12 days ago
Reply to  Nina

I agree Nina and thank you so much.

Adriana Leandro
13 days ago

Blogging and working full time is complicated. 
Your look is amazing.

Cris Santos
12 days ago

Thank you so much Adriana.

12 days ago

Very cool post


10 days ago

Bloggers are layered and can lead such interesting lives- like you, Cris!

<a href=”https://lestylorouge.com/“>Le Stylo Rouge</a>

Cris Santos
9 days ago
Reply to  Ashley

Hats off to all bloggers of the world like us Ashley Thanks a million.