Why You Should Consider Moving to a Big City

There’s been a push for people to move back into cities recently.  We want to feel connected and close to each other, and nothing says close, quite like over a million people living within two miles of you.  Here are some of the best reasons to move to any city and make it your own.

More to Do

Cities are overflowing with opportunity and chance.  Turning down a different street than usual can invite you into restaurants and shops you’ve never heard of, and a chance encounter could have you at a club you wouldn’t find otherwise.  There’s always something new and thrilling to do in the city, and unless you’re a stickler for fine dining, most of it is inexpensive!  Why go to the same bar you’ve gone to since your early twenties when you can party at a new hot spot every night?

More People to Meet

If you’ve been feeling isolated or cut off from people in a spaced-out suburb or rural area, a city may feel like culture shock.  Not only are there more people per capita, but they’re also all a lot more close and personal.  This can take some time to adjust to and might not be for everyone, but it’s an excellent way for you to meet new people whenever you want to.  You won’t have to worry about being lonely as long as you put in some effort to get out there.

Fewer Allergies

Many don’t consider when they’re looking at Calgary homes for sale because moving into a city can cut you off from pollen and other allergens.  This cleanse doesn’t mean you’re free from all allergies; if you have a dust or pet allergy, it could worsen in the city: but seasonal allergies will be over for you.  This problem may sound small to some, but for those who have to sneeze for two to six weeks out of the year because of ragweed pollen, or even grass pollen, this can be a much-needed release of sinus pressure.

More Chances for Career Advancements

If you feel like you’ve been stuck at the same point in your career for the last couple of years, it may be time to consider advancing and changing it up.  Larger cities mean more firms, companies, or clients who are willing to hire you for what you do or more.  Bigger cities see more employment competition, which means jobs will reward those who stay with them longer more readily. An excellent job in a large city is more likely to have upward mobility than working for a smaller one in the suburbs.

More Ways to Make Money

If you don’t like to get tied down to one company or contract, you can be a free agent in the city!  Not only are more people available to be clients, but there are also way more ways to make money in the town.  Some full-time work jobs traveling between people’s apartments and watering their plants, while others invent jobs as they go and make a killing at it.  There’s a demand for almost everything in larger cities, which means anyone can make bank.

I love living in bigger cities for all the above reasons and much more. How about you? So let me know your thoughts below.

Wishing you a great day!

Much love

Cris Santos

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3 years ago

So true about the opportunities that exist in a big city Cris. Whether it’s for business, career or pleasure there’s no doubt a whole new world opens up for people to explore. Wonderful post gorgeous. Have a great day. xx

Cris Santos
3 years ago
Reply to  Miriam

Thanks a million Miriam and yes I agree with you. I love big cities and the diversity of activities and opportunities it offers. Have a wonderful day. Cris

3 years ago

This post reminded me a song:
“Big City Life
Me try forget by
Pressure nah ease up no matter how hard me try
Big City Life
Here my heart have no base
And right now Babylon deep on me case”

Anyway, I actually live in a big city: Rome! *O* And I love it… <3

Jovana Tomic
3 years ago

Amazing photos.. I like your blog…. kisses


Kathrine Eldridge
3 years ago

I lived in the city of Chicago for 25 years. I am in the burbs now but miss it so much. These are great points!


3 years ago

I miss the city! Love Toronto. Still hoping to move to LA.

Curated By Jennifer

3 years ago

Gorgeous photos ❤

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

I would love to live in a big city for a short period of time! I think it would be truly a great way to see a lot more. I am sure there are a lot of opportunities, too!


Elegant Duchess Fashion and Lifestyle

Cities are definitely great for career opportunities hence why I work in one but I would always choose to live in the countryside. Nothing can beat the peace and silence of countryside and beauty of nature. xx
Elegant Duchess xx

Allie Mackin
3 years ago

Ah yes living in cities has its pros and cons and yes less allergies. Though it seems like the trend right now is away from cities b/c of the pandemic and all the civil unrest here. And what the hell is going in California and the whole west coast, really none of the cities on the west coast of the U.S. are doing well.

Allie of

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
3 years ago

I have to admit that I am a city girl. Even if I don’t live right in it, being close is important, because it has all the amenities I crave!!

3 years ago

Beautifully written post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Summer Makeup Look

3 years ago

I live in a very small town and I really miss the ease of having everything on your doorstep and always having something new to discover when you’re in a city. I’m definitely a city girl at heart x


Sugar Lane
3 years ago

I love living in a big city!
I lived in small towns also, but I prefer cities,
have a great weekend!

3 years ago

I’ve lived in cities my whole life, and have always dreamed of living in a farm, but TBH, a city is definitely more filled with opportunities as you said:) Great post:)

3 years ago

unas fotos realmente preciosas, me encantan

3 years ago

Living in a big city sounds super fun.
But my dream house will be in the countryside to be more quiet but I would love to not be so far away of a city.

3 years ago

It looks really nice and relaxed. Thank you for sharing.
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3 years ago

Even though I live in Los Angeles, I want to move out of the city. Kind of weird! But I hear a lot about people wanting to move to the city, which is a great experience on its own!

Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

3 years ago

Big cities are so exciting and there’s always something to do!

Le Stylo Rouge

3 years ago

Me too, I love living in the big city. I wouldn’t change it. There is always so much to do here.


Cris Santos
3 years ago
Reply to  Radi

I totally agree with you Happy Easter darling Cris

3 years ago

Good tips and lovely photos 🙂 I like in Brisbane so it’s not the biggest city, but it’s just the right size for us! 🙂

Hope you are having a good Easter weekend 🙂

3 years ago

I live in NJ and have always wanted to experience living in NYC. I love big cities and how there is always something to do!


3 years ago

These are all very valid points, Cris! Personally speaking, I am a big city girl all the way xx


3 years ago

Great points! I love the City buzz!

3 years ago

You will have more opportunities in the big city. If you choose to be comfortable from the beginning, there will be no turning back.
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3 years ago

Have a good day 🙂

Amy Johnson
3 years ago

Here in the US people are moving out of big cities and to suburbs and smaller towns. A lot has to do with the riots last year, crime, higher taxes, but mostly it appears to be the school systems. City public schools have been closed for a year now do to Covid, and parents want their kids in school, so they are moving to towns where schools are open. I think in the past, people wanted to live in big cities for all the reasons you mentioned, but now everyone seems to be trying to get out. It’s really very sad. So many cities, like Indianapolis, just renovated their downtowns and then they were destroyed by riots. A Minneapolis businessman was lamenting that his business was destroyed because no one wants to go there anymore because they don’t feel safe.

Sarah Zalsos
Sarah Zalsos
3 years ago

Those cities are awesome! looking at the photos it looks like the city never sleep, a busy kind of city where you experience most of fun and enjoyment, I miss to experience fun because of this pandemic.
Stay safe guys and more travel to come!

Regards from Journey On Travel

Melody Jacob
1 year ago

I like big cities but sometimes I want to stay at a countryside. If the house can be 20 mins drive to get to the big city, then great. But the truth is you find more in a big city.