The Castle on Tamborine Mountain – My Fairy Tale Story

Most girls dream of a fairy tale story and I am one of them. I spent my New Year’s Eve at the elegant, unique and only castle on the Gold Coast – Qld Australia. It is located on the enchanted forest of Tamborine Mountain. A wonderful area full of activities, forests and character. 
The Castle was built based on the days of yore where once upon a time knights, princes and princesses engaged in adventures and dreamed of a happily ever after ending. While I was there it was no different, I was transported in time to a fantasy land where dreams come true and promises of eternal love existed. 
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Take a stroll to explore the surroundings of this majestic accommodation. Experience the beauty of sumptuous perfection as it blends with enchanting natural settings. 
The Castle is surrounded by meticulous gardens and you will have access to your own private courtyard. Watch out to wild life as they come to visit you and you will have the feeling of experiencing a magic spell. 
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The visual indulgence is endless and the beauty that lays on every detail will touch your soul. 
Feeling like a princess I sat in front of the Abbey with a pink cupcake, as you know every girl deserves a pink cupcake and waited patiently for my prince charming to arrive or a knight in armour . My cupcake was so lovely that after I indulged myself on a pink sweet buttery frost I even forgot what I was doing there. So I went back to my accommodation and had another one. Haha. However, you never know what can happen while staying in a castle like this one. I believe magic do happen!

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The entrance of The Castle is magnificent! A path surrounded by gorgeous purple flowers invite you in to discover what is awaiting. The colours and the beauty of this accommodation is worth a visit.
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As the night fell, it brought the shadows and darkness, however there was a silver moonlight and the sky turned into a ceiling covered with stars and I was ready to dream the dreams of a distant land that once was.

Before sleeping like a princess or a prince make sure to unwind with a last walk through the green scenery where the path of stones will lead you to a desire to discover that secret enchanted garden that we all believe exists somewhere where fairies and butterflies with glowing wings might be awaiting for you.

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Unfortunately I was not able to photograph inside the castle, but you can see photos and watch a video HERE.

The Castle on Tamborine Mountain is not the only accommodation as it is an addition to the Lisson Grove Boutique Resort  Here you will find five themed cottages, The Abbey, The Game Keepers Cottage, Gables East and West, Baden Cottage and Tir-Na-Nog Cottage. All placed in the settings of an old English Village.

This is the Gamekeepers Cottage with its rustic style and milk chocolate colour complete with an entrance that will certainly make an impression on you with giant purple flowers and dark green vegetation.
Welcome to the Baden Cottage! This cottage is full of character and style. It offers an open fire place, it is furnished with antique English furniture that sends you back to the olden times in England. 
As I woke up I was ready to enjoy a warm spa and have some me time. 

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Nothing like a warm luxurious bubble spa to start the day! 

Baden Cottage Spa is a wonderful way to experience luxury. While in the spa I was listening to the soft  classic music that plays in the cottage. A great way to forget about whatever is happening in your life in the real world and dive in a stress free moment of pure bliss and enjoyment.

After sleeping the dreams of princesses I made sure to keep exploring the surroundings and entered a natural maze that leads to the castle. 
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Photography: PhotosbyCris

Photographer and Creative Director: Cris 

Location: The Castle on Tamborine Mountain

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  1. Tamborine Moutain and the castle seemed to be a grand way to spend New Year's eve! With a private courtyard! I loved the pictures, the flowers, the bubble bath (I do love a bubble bath!) And Baden Cottage, with its English charm! And all in Australia – I would never expect a castle there, but why not, absolutely gorgeous! Hope you have a very lovely week! Hugs!

  2. What a magical place and beautiful photos! all I did for New Years was work and then sit on the couch with my mom lol, glad you enjoyed your stay!

    1. Thank you so much Zoe. Nice to hear you were with your mom on NYE nothing like spending time with the loved ones and you were productive too. Wow! Thank you sweetie. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo Cris

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