The Canals of Venice

Ciao! The beautiful Venezia as the Italians call it, is a place that has fascinated everyone and will continue fascinating so many forever. The endless canals are as amazing as they are unique. I invite you to come aboard my gondola and experience a ride of a life time.

The famous Rialto bridge.

The canals cut the city and the locals live in an unique way. The water is at their door steps. The gorgeous buildings rise from the flowing waters giving the impression of a floating historic city.

Look up as you will be introduced to the famous places that once accommodated famous people just like this one.

Gondolas are everywhere, the gondoliers are extremely friendly and they even sing to you as you take a trip in this picturesque city. It is so romantic! Many people get engaged here and it is definitely a destination for newlyweds.

There are gorgeous bridges across Venice and you will get to pass under so many.

Definitely recommend a tour by gondolas as it is an once in a lifetime experience. A way of seeing Venice from a compelling point of view.

Venice is definitely a city of dreams. Also take time to walk around and in that way you will have a full experience and see the city from different perspectives.
What is your favourite city in Italy?
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