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    What Lies Beneath Success

    Since I have started blogging and started posting on Instagram I have met incredible humans that encourage others to live a life of fulfilment, chase dreams and be happy! Loyal followers who became friends! Online friends that are real people with big hearts and now I call them Family!

    I have blocked very few followers since the beginning of my journey in finding myself and pursuing dreams.

    Writing, Photography, Fashion, Styling Coach, Nutrition and Beauty!

    However, I have kept 99% of my Social Media Family and with them I learnt that it is worth keeping believing in menKIND!

    With the friendship we learnt and grew together as I understood the power of Success and that is – SUCCESS IS NOT POSSIBLE ALONE!

    To my amazing Social Media Family I thank you for keeping me believing in myself, for your support and kindness. For the gift of Friendship that comes in so many ways and this year I was lucky to have had an incredible journey discovering myself and opening my heart to my Podcasters Hosts.

    I am thankful to you to allow me to express myself and share my story.

    However, it all started with my very first podcast back in February 2021 and soon became an amazing avenue that led me to have an incredible experience!

    Please meet my Podcast, Radio and Social Media Family members.

    Podcast 1 February 2021 USA

    When you are multitalented – Thought Row Episode 10 -When You’re Multi-Talented | Thought Row (blubrry.net) 

    My very first podcast came from two people who are extremely talented. This power couple are artists Rod and Inci Jones and they have invited me to be a guest in their podcast.

    My excitement could be felt as I accepted the invite!

    What you don’t know is that I suffer from anxiety and I expect nothing less than perfection from myself and being like this has its pros and cons.

    Perfection does not exist but I insist in chasing it so I prepared myself so much to the point all the preparation and anxiety stopped me from being myself as I decided to read my answers I was so scared to forget what I had prepared. Word by word had to be said so I did not sound stupid!

    The day came and the anxiety was through the roof so as the interview started I could not understand their questions and I thought they changed the order of everything (which they did not) so I stopped the interview and we had to start all over again.

    Inci and Rod you are a couple with a heart of gold, the kindness and patience you had with me were above anything I expected.

    I am so lucky to have you both as my first hosts because kindly and with so much patience you made me feel special, you made me feel like my story matters and above all you made me feel confident.

    Have I had a different experience I would never ever again been able to do another podcast so because of your love I felt that I was worth being listened to, that my story matters and I that I could help others through my experiences.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart you started my incredible journey in podcasts and to you both I am forever grateful.

    Podcast 2 – May 2021 UK

    Learn about Social media engagement and how to use it to lift and encourage others – Learn how to sell art online (@gavriella.sell.your.art.online) • Instagram photos and videos 

    Soon after I was invited by Gavriella Sell Your Art Online

    Gavriella is smart, inspiring and hard work. She is kind and I was lucky to have met her through Inci and Jones. Her passion for art has led her to help artists and I have so much respect for her work and vision.

    I was able to speak to her and that collaboration has made me see through her soul, her calm way of speaking and her hard work has made her a success in her field.

    I have so much connection with people who help others. I loved every minute of our chat, I was so much more relaxed and more confident having Gavriella as my first live chat on video, was extremely important to me as my confidence at the time was very low. However, you changed everything and I was able to speak to you and you made me feel so comfortable just like talking to a friend I have known for ages and so professionally done too.

    Thank you for being so kind and for being an incredible human being, your mission is very honourable and you deserve all the success in what you are doing because your project can change the world of art and artists!

    Podcast 3 – 13 June 2021 SINGAPORE

    Online Business, Start Ups and Instagram business – XL 10 Minute Leaders

    Graham D Brown asked me to be in his Podcast. This podcast was on video and I was thrilled to be able to talk to him. Graham is fun, professional and smart. At this point I was feeling confident enough and I did not have a set of questions before the show. I was a little nervous but it is I believe very understanding and normal to have some sort of anxiety before putting myself in the spotlight. My anxiety level was lower than before in my first two interviews and Graham was awesome. Easy to talk to and quite inquisitive which I believe you must be if you are hosting a podcast, talking show or radio.

    We talked about business and the work of an influencer. Business chat with an insight on understanding what goes behind the work I do.

    Although I was still a little nervous especially because I was not aware of the questions I was going to be asked, Graham was very interested and made me feel more and more comfortable as we spoke.

    Thank you Graham your show is amazing. You are an incredible host!

    Podcast 4 – 18 Aug 2021 USA

    Life Well Lived with Omobola Stephen: Uplevelling Your Personal Brand Exclusive With Cris Santos

    Omobola invited me to be in her podcast, a very structured episode focusing on business. I went with no idea of what was going to be asked and I am incredibly grateful for the experience.

    A self development talk with professional insight. Branding was the main focus in this conversation and I was able to share some of my knowledge and talk about my projects.

    Thank you for having me in your show and I wish you success in your career.

    Podcast 5 – 23 Aug 2021 USA

    Impact Radio USA – Dr. Paul’s Family Talk: CRIS A. SANTOS, Author, Photographer, Blogger, Stylist (8-23-21)

    Dr. Paul invited me to be in his radio show and I felt like I knew him because we talked like if we were friends for a very long time. Professional hosts know how to make the guest feel at easy and relaxed.

    So easy to open my heart and tell about my life experience from childhood experiences and dreams to career and opportunities. And he also shared he is a musician.

    I am so thankful for have met you. Your success is definitely a reflection of the incredible professionalism and the way you make your guests feel.

    Forever grateful!

    Podcast 6 – 24 Aug 2021 USA

    Dr. D’s Social Network Podcast: 330. Cris Santos – Building a Positive, Powerful and Family Centered Instagram Following

    Dr. Darian Parker is smart and easy to talk to. So I thank you for making me feel so comfortable. I did not prepare myself but there was not a moment of awkwardness.

    We talked about difficult but so important issues such as mental health, career and books.

    The conversation just had a natural flow and it was so important because the serious issues were discussed from bullying, social media, depression and so much more.

    It was emotional and Dr. Darian I don’t know how you made me expose my deepest feelings turning this interview into personal and real. By doing so people can now understand what made me the writer I am, someone who writes and speaks from the heart.

    It was an incredible episode and I am so grateful to have made a friend. You are incredibly smart and professional and no doubt that your success is a reflection of how serious you take your work.

    It was an honor to be in your show.

    Podcast 7: – 06 September 2021 AUSTRALIA

    Tribe Podcast / Auspod Syndicate: 30. Cris Santos – Go Out and Promote your Brand

    Miko Santos the host of this incredible podcast was super amazing in every way at this point I was more comfortable, he is a very professional host who takes his work very seriously.

    We spoke about so many aspects of my career, the books I wrote and how my stories have a heart and truth to them. We talked about the messages in my writing, the serious issues I tackle when I decide to create in general.

    Love the questions and love the approach on how he talks to his guests and make it so easy to speak.

    Easy and flowy, our conversation was another example of great talking show host and the professionalism of this podcast.

    Thank you Miko for the opportunity and for taking the time to speak to me.

    So thankful for the opportunity to be in your show and to meet you.

    Podcast 8 – 02 October 2021 AUSTRALIA

    Lifes A Mitch Podcast Ep 42 Meet Superwoman and Beauty Influencer – Cris Santos

    Mitch has a very interesting podcast that he uses to talk about several topics.

    It was fun and easy to speak to him. He is very professional and takes his work very seriously.

    He is very successful as a podcaster and his show is growing. He also interviews celebrities and I was very honored to be in his show.

    Mitch you are awesome. Your success is well deserved because you work really hard in everything you do.

    Thank you for inviting me to be in your show, you are an incredible human being and I have no doubt that there is no limit on what you can accomplish.

    Podcast 9 – 23 November 2021 USA

    QSJ Radio – Cris Santos on Madluh How I am going to help 10.000 People in the next couple of years@qsjradiousa

    Meet Dave Hernandez such a cool host of QSJ Radio Podcast.

    I had so much fun, I love being in podcasts because I am so lucky to meet the most incredible hosts.

    Dave you are fun and I had a great time. A little of humor while discussing business, motivation and career.

    Your show is so amazing and I love the time we spent talking.

    Thank you for having me and thank you for allowing me to share a little of myself to your audience.

    Great questions and great conversation. So grateful to have met you.

    Podcast 10 – 3 December 2021 INDIA

    The Decaf Show – Friday Talks with Cris A Santos – Talking about Mental Health, Health, Nutrition and Fashion@thedecafshow

    The Decaf Show is a podcast hosted by several hosts from India. I was able to be in their show, I am so grateful for the love and respect they all showed.

    This podcast is professional and wonderful. I have so many followers from India so being able to be on an Indian Podcast was very special.

    Thank you all for the opportunity, for having me and for allowing me to speak about my career, goals and life.

    Not once I felt uncomfortable.

    It was my first time talking to several hosts at once and I thought it was very dynamic! We talked about my latest projects and the opportunity was much appreciated.

    I am so happy to have met you and to have been in your show.

    This opportunity will be forever cherished.

    Podcast 11 – 14 December 2021 UK

    Chat and Spin – An Insight on Business and Career – Live on the 14 December 2021 9:20 am Brisbane time – UK

    Chat and Spin is a 24 hour Not for Profit Internet Radio Station, based in the UK. Here you will find national and international news and guests, events, and so much more.

    I was invited to be part of one of one of the radio station episodes, it was a quick chat that gave the audience an insight on what I do and how to contact me.

    It was short, fun and interesting.

    Thank you for inviting me and I it was a pleasure to be one of your guests.

    Podcast 12 – 15 December 21 – Arkansas USA

    Awe Intuitive Conversation with Felicia Miller Johnson – Talking about Fear, Doubt, Living Smart, Spiritual Awakening and so much more – Live on the 15 Dec 21 Brisbane Time 5 am.

    It was an incredible experience. Felicia Miller Johnson is an amazing host, we were able to speak about several topics including the book I wrote One Way Trip by Cris A Santos, the loss of my father and a friend to drugs which led me to be passionate about helping people, my newest project Helping 10.000 people in the next 2 year, building wellness teams around the world, and so much more.

    She even read the Goddess Taro Cards, and how we should pay attention to being present and so much more.

    Thank you Felicia for having me. You are an incredible host and I enjoyed every minute of being on your show.

    To all my hosts and to all the podcast and radio shows I have been a guest, you are forever in my heart.

    To all hosts, readers and supporters you are my family.

    I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of accomplishments and happiness.

    Health, Peace, Happiness in 2022 and always.

    Forever Grateful for all of you and you will be forever in my heart.

    Cris Santos

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    XL 10 Minute Leaders: Cris Santos

    I would love to present to you today an amazing interview with XL Podcast from Singapore.

    In this episode we talk about:

    Start Ups

    The Influencer / Brand Ambassador Business

    Online Business

    I hope you find it useful and if you like this podcast please do give us a Thumbs Up and leave a comment on the XL Podcast YouTube Chanel and below.

    For more info on the topics above please check out my Blog Academy

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

    Much love

    Cris Santos