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    Impact Radio USA – The Interview

    Impact Radio USA is a radio station that has now released 1000 shows with amazing guests from interviews, music, sports and news 24 hours a day, 52 weeks per year.

    The interviews are incredible with amazing people with life stories that are captivating and inspiring. It is also a space for fun and insights on a variety of subjects.

    I was invited by Dr. Paul the host and founder of Impact Radio USA to be on his show and we had an incredible time.

    Topics we covered:

    We spoke about ONE WAY TRIP by Cris A Santos, a book I wrote and pour my heart into every page! It is about drugs and the losses I suffered, the poeple I lost were important to me so I wrote a captivating, heartwarming story! The title says it all, One Way Trip! It is also about love stories, between a man and a woman, between two brothers that shared a love and connection so intense and moving that it will for sure capture your attention and heart.

    This interview Dr. Paul and I discuss issues such as the dangers of trying drugs, however we also cover aspects such as creativity, art, fashion, style, life experiences and so much more!

    I would like to invite you to join us in this fun and informative chat!



    Wishing you all a wonderful safe weekend.

    Love and light your way!

    Cris Santos