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    Learn How To Grow Your Instagram and The Artist Entrepreneur Club

    Last week I was interviewed by Gavriella Abekassis from Learn how to sell art online (@gavriella.sell.your.art.online) • Instagram photos and videos

    We talked about on HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM as I have written a book about this topic. You can find my book HERE

    You can listen to the Interview HERE

    Let me introduce to you Gavriella and her amazing work:

    About why I created the Artist Entrepreneur Club:

    That’s me, behind the scenes of The Artist Entrepreneur Club!

    My mission is to give artists the marketing and sales training they are lacking, so they can make a living by selling art independently, without waiting for galleries to give them opportunities.

    I created the Artist Entrepreneur Club in May 2020, after having worked in galleries and assisted artists for 5 years.

    While in galleries, I worked in sales, marketing, artist liaison, museums and institutions liaison, shipping and packing artworks, putting exhibitions together, event and office management, art performance and installation research, accountancy as well as (too?) many other administrative tasks.

    While gaining experience in art galleries, I realized that most visitors in galleries, are artists who were trying to enter the community of art galleries, because they were told it’s the only way to sell.

    I am what we could call “self-taught” in online marketing and sales. Truth is, I’ve learned directly from several six and seven figure business owners.

    I’ve always loved both Art and entrepreneurship. The Artist Entrepreneur Club was the perfect way for me to combine both fields, which I now understand, have so many points in common.

    I have now helped more than 95 artists grow their online marketing and sales, as I know what are the important points an artist entrepreneur should nail if they want to grow their business consistently.

    Want to learn more about my advice and experience? You can find me and write to me every day in the Artist Entrepreneur Club!

    About what the Artist Entrepreneur Club is:

    Joining the Artist Entrepreneur Club means enjoying many features – and more to come, so you can find the right format for you to learn how to sell art more efficiently, and implement the training:

    Every month we work on a different business theme, organized in three to four weekly challenges, so you can implement the training in your business instantly and grow your business alongside the teaching in the club.

    We also welcome a business guest speaker every week who can teach to us and share their expertise with us.

     All of these sessions are happening live on zoom, and if you cannot attend the recordings are always available in our slack group, where our community lives!

    Talking about community, the Artist Entrepreneur Club also is a dynamic community of artists to whom you can ask every question, even the ones that are taboos in the visual art industry, and exchange with about your experiences as an artist selling art online. And yes, we do use the word money often in the club!

    Finally, at the end of each month, we review your progress in the Artist Entrepreneur Club. During our monthly review session, we will discuss how the previous month went for you, the progress you made, and your plans for the following month.

    Gavriella Abekassis
    The Artist Entrepreneur Club

    Email: ootcube@gmail.com Artist Entrepreneur Club: https://artistentrepreneur.club/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gavriella.sell.your.art.online/

    Please do check out all links above and Gavriella amazing work. What she is doing for Art and Artists is exceptional and much needed.

    Much Love.

    Cris Santos

    Please find more interviews HERE

    Disclaimer: Collaboration

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    Life as a Multidimensional Creative Person

    I have been involved in the arts’ world since I was very little. In fact my first memories are related to arts. I fell in love with the camera and fashion at the age of 4. A few years later I fell in  love with literature. By the age of 7, I started writing poems because this was the very first genre I loved. Then my love story with all forms of art began. It led me to pursue acting and dance also.

    It all evolved from a passion to a career path. At first I found myself in front of cameras and years later I found myself behind the camera. A few years ago, I wanted to prepare a book trailer for a novel I wrote

    One Way Trip by Cris A Santos

    It was very expensive to have it done professionally, so I decided to take the pictures myself. These were my very first landscape images, below you can watch the trailer and see how far I have come when it comes to photography. Most of my work can be seen on my Instagram HERE


    Find all my BOOKS HERE

    This made me realise that behind the lens there was a world that I have not discovered yet. My fascination by photography behind the camera started then.

    The next step was to add all my images to Instagram, an app that has connected the whole world through visual arts. There I found my chosen family. Instagram introduced me to people like me. I now connect with artists from all over the world. I feel like I have found my tribe, I feel understood and appreciated. The support I receive is my fuel.

    Two of my dearest friends invited me to be a guest on the Thought Row Podcast  where they host an incredible Podcast and give voices to so many artists and creative thinkers around the world. This project in my view is very important as I believe Artists and Art need more exposure and more support. So they did it! 

    I would love to invite you to join Rod Jones, Inci Jones and I at the Thought Row Podcast where I was invited to talk about my life as a multidimensional creative person. You can listen to our conversation right now HERE

    This podcast was created for everyone because we are all creative beings. So please Subscribe and do not miss incredible interviews with artists around the world SUBSCRIBE HERE

    I hope you enjoy.

    Let me introduce to you the hosts of the Thought Row Podcast.

    Meet the hosts: 

    Rod and Inci Jones

    Rod Jones is an artist and writer from California who paints in a very authentic way, he started painting 15 years ago and now has a collection of amazing abstract art, where forms and colours come together in harmony and continuity. Rod is also an incredible creative writer. Explore the world of colour and creativity of Rod Jones Artist HERE

    Inci Jones – Artist and writer from California. Her work is very interesting and captivating. Inci is a cancer survival who also writes amazing stories shining light in many ways into people’s lives. Her paintings come together as an incredible collection of beauty and colours. Find her work HERE

    Wishing you all an amazing creative March!

    Sending you love and light your way!

    Cris Santos

    Shop my Style: www.Lunabluegirl.com