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A week ago I had the pleasure to meet Jayden Wilson a Brisbane Chef who has a vision that extends beyond healthy and delicious food. With his passion for food he has overcome incredible challenges in his life and now he is the voice and the action behind a cause that will change the lives of children and teenagers.

Jayden started his journey as a chef from the age of 14, this journey turned him into a sought after professional in the hospitality industry. With big commitments, responsibilities and highly stressful job he met the dark side of his career and found in drugs a way to cope with the demands and stress of the profession. After several years battling the addiction with the help of his mentor who was there for him and not just lifted him up and out of this dark and dangerous detour in his journey, but also believed in him. Among chaos there was light, guidance and God.

Jayden Wilson then became the founder and head chef of Rise Up Catering, and his aim is to change ONE MILLION LIVES by 2025. He goes to schools and detention centres teaching children to cook, teaching them about purpose in life and helping them to understand that there is always hope and someone who cares for them and cares for their future. He touches kids’ hearts and changes their lives through food. Every step counts as he opens ways to these children’s future by presenting them an opportunity, hope and career. His positive and caring attitude, his charisma and love are felt through his amazing food creations.

This mission does not come easily; Jayden has being self-funding most of his cooking lessons through his work. He has developed an incredible schedule in order to deliver FOOD WITH A FOCUS to these children. All you need to do to help more and more children is to book Jayden to come to your house and help you and here is how:

Rise Up Catering offers the following services:


Have a chef coming to your house and prepare all the food for you, all foods will be then put in containers. All you have to do is put them in fridge or freezer and enjoy more quality time with family and friends. No stress and no mess. All meals are suitable to freeze so you can enjoy them for weeks!


Learn about tricks and tips from experienced chefs. Cook meals, apply food presentation techniques and so much more. Also bring a friend along for free. Please do check link above to learn more about this wonderful cooking program.


Wedding Celebrations

Corporate Functions

Private Functions

Kids Friendly


This package is perfect for engagements and romantic dates. Surprise your loved one with an unforgettable experience to be remembered forever.


PLEASE NOTE: All packages have a selection of foods available for you to choose, mix and match.

Meats and Vegetables

Vegetarian and Vegan

Snacks and Treats

I have always believed that what you eat is felt through the love put into the preparation of a meal. I am so glad to present here some of his dishes that I was lucky enough to try. They are amazing dishes cooked with passion, sprinkled with love and dedication all over them. One of the most amazing dishes I have ever tried and believe me I am a food lover who has traveled the world and have experienced around the world gastronomic wonders. Jayden’s dishes deliver the most beautiful fresh produces, picked by him and these dishes were prepared right in front of my eyes. Wow, this is an experience you must try yourself.

And what a joy was to share with the most important people in my life.

Food prepared with love, presented with passion and shared with joy.


Please do watch my Interview with Jayden Wilson this inspiring Head Chef  and founder of RISE UP CATERING.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Much love


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    1. So true Carrie Life has got so busy and hours at work are so long Having these meals prepared fresh and so nutritious does take a lot of stress out of our lives Thank you so much Cris

  1. What an incredible story of vision and purpose. I love what Jayden has created with Rise Up Catering and it offers so much for so many. Truly uplifting and a wonderful write up Cris. Great job.

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      Hi Johanna So glad you liked he is such an inspiration and more than a great chef a great heart too Thank you for being here and so true not many of us cook and Jayden can make families’ lives much easier His work is incredible indeed Have a wonderful day darling

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  2. Such a meaningful and inspiring post loveliest babe, Jayden is such an inspiration to us all and your telling of his powerful journey both incredibly moving and oh so powerful. His Food with a Focus scheme is so life changing and empowering for sure, I love all that he has overcome to rise into being such a positive force to us all. Such stunning photos and a heartfelt video too sweetest superstar ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thank you gorgeous darling Your words are so beautiful as always It means so much to me reading such amazing feedback Yes Jayden is incredible in every way And such a role model I know he will change so many lives A million thanks babe Have an amazing week

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  3. What a nice thing for him to do! sounds like a lovely service and the food looks delicious!

    Thanks for sharing! Hope that you have a great weekend ahead 🙂

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  4. What an uplifting and inspiring story. And yes it seems drugs are kind of rampant in the food service industry or least evening establishments I use to work as a waiter at night so I can atest I think it is the hours. So glad he found his way out what a great concept!

    Allie of

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