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Lilacoco – The Power of Being You

Many times we do not realise how powerful we are. We can share our inner light and light up everywhere we go with deep luscious bright light that comes from within. 
My DRESS is a sparkly golden gown from LILACOCO
An affordable online store that cater for all styles and tastes. This dress is a dream, stylish and also of high quality. I absolutely loved it when I received it. 
Feed the light that can illuminate your path through security and like everything in life it is all reflected in this invisible field that attracts everything and whatever you give bounces back right at your own life. 
Give love, give kindness, give light and receive it all back in a much higher stronger level. 
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Feed the light within with peace, love, and confidence. 

Love yourself, respect yourself, care for yourself. Simple and yet so many times so difficult to do. 

The powerful voices in our head can lead us through darkness or through light. 

Shut all the negativity from your inner voice and speak over it with positive thoughts. 

Be aware of your thoughts and feed the thoughts that make you happy, in peace and you will feel invincible. 

Life will change you will attract what you think and what you wish. Close your eyes and wish only the best, only the most beautiful and only the  most precious wishes. 

Be the sun light, be bright, be brave, be strong and spread the gold beauty that comes from deep inside. 

Fight for your happiness. Surround yourself with people who genuinely love and appreciate you for all you are. 

Only those who smile when they see you and feel happy to be around you deserve your presence and your loyalty. 

When shadows and darkness surround you and try to put your light out, shine brighter and no darkness will prevail. 

You are gold, you are beautiful and only you know how to sparkle your own way, because everyone’s sparkle is unique. Shine your way. Bring light to others. Be the star you were born to be. It is your happiness that counts and it is contagious. Spread it everywhere you go and lead the way to a world full of kindness and love. 
I hope your week is full of light and love. 





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4 years ago

I love those photos!☺

Julie Ann Lozada
4 years ago

gosh…. this dress is absolutely beautiful.

INSTAGRAM: @julieann_lozada

Child Actor LA
4 years ago

Life is a funny little thing, you plan out what you want out of it then people and situations come your way that seem to change your direction or even your perception.

white and vintage
4 years ago

Wow, such an elegant dress! You look so beautiful in it.

Paola Lauretano
4 years ago

Wow, such a gorgeous beach princess!
This dress is everything!
Kisses, Paola.


Ivana Split
4 years ago

You look like a mermaid in that dress. It is a gorgeous maxi dress, so glam and feminine. I love these photographs by the sea. Perfect location and beautiful photography.

Miguel Gouveia
4 years ago

Thanks a lot 😀

you look absolutelly great 🙂

InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

4 years ago

Amazing dress and photos <3 :**

El Blog de Nitya
4 years ago

An incredible dress, you are like a sea princess. Love it !!!. Kisses-.

4 years ago

Stunning! This dress os so beautiful.

Gemma x

glowy shoe
4 years ago

your dress is gorgeous, i love the mettalic vibe it is oozing…

Glowyshoe's blog

Mona Bednarska
4 years ago

Beautiful shots! The dress is really outstanding!
And I also think that it's important to accept yourself just the way you are and surround yourself with people who genuinely love you, no matter what.
Kisses ❤️
Mona Bednarska

champagne tuesdays
4 years ago

wow this dress is so stunning!! You look like a beautiful glam mermaid 🙂
xo, allie

The Exclusive Beauty Diary

I completely agree with you. Your dress is absolutely dream, as well as beach where you taking photo. You look stunning.

New Post –

Amely Rose
4 years ago

this Dress Looks so stunning, you look like a godess.
Amazing Pictures.

take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

Marisa Cavaleiro
4 years ago

Your dress is amazing!! The photos are amazing!!

Anna Marcus
4 years ago

Amazing dress Cris, fits you like a glove. Thank you for the inspo

Melissa Kacar
4 years ago

This is so inspirational! I absolutely love your dress, too! It's so elegant! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Atsuna Matsui
4 years ago

That is seriously such a stunning and elegant dress you're wearing. I feel like you could wear this to a Golden Globe's event or something.


4 years ago

Amazing 🙂
„Zapraszam także do siebie na nowy post – KLIK

Carolyna's world
4 years ago

It is definitely dress to impress dear- stunning pictures

4 years ago

Wow! Fabulous dress for a special event. x

Kate Louise Blogs

4 years ago

What a stunner! I am loving this, babe!

Le Stylo Rouge

4 years ago

Wow, this dress looks amazing!

Have a nice day,

Annie L
4 years ago

This dress is fabulous, reminds me of The Bachelorette!
xo Annie
New England Romance

4 years ago

That dress is absolutely stunning! WOW!
Raindrops of Sapphire

zia Consu
4 years ago

Sembri una vera sirena!

4 years ago

You look like a goddess!

xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

Minhal Taher
4 years ago

I'm getting such mermaid vibes from this dress. You look amazing <3

4 years ago

Now this is Wow Cris! You look absolutely stunning in this gown.

4 years ago

This gown is so perfect for any occasion. I love how you keep your style so simple.

4 years ago

Super stunning! I love the way it shines when the light hits it.

Dressed With Soul
4 years ago

You are so right! It happens much too often we underestimate our inner and outer light! Therefore your wonderful dress is the perfect reminder!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Tori Chu
4 years ago

Omg , love the dress. It looks good on u 🙂

Kinga K.
4 years ago

Gorgeous pics❤

4 years ago

Your dress looks fabulous on you.
Love the gold color.


Natalia Gutiérrez
4 years ago

OMG What a beautiful dress! Thank you so much for sharing!


4 years ago

That dress is everything!! I love the golden details of it.

Jessica |

Sugar Lane
4 years ago

gorgeous dress!
have a great weekend!

Only Yesterday Blog
4 years ago

That dress is amazing! Have a lovely weekend!

Child Actor LA
4 years ago

Ethnic gowns have emerged as the most popular choice amongst ethnic wear for women.

4 years ago

Oh my gosh; this gold gown looks so glamorous on you and fits you like a glove! An utterly gorgeous look for this post; well done! 🙂 x

4 years ago

That looks like a glam dress and that it fits you to a tee.

4 years ago

wow that dress is so gorgeous!
4 years ago

You look like a beautiful mermaid! Lol Gorgeous photos as usual. Keep well Cris. xoxo

Luxury Toys
4 years ago

The value of this true virtue in being you is that you're living a life of honesty when you do.
Lelo Vibrators

Carolina G. Ticala
4 years ago

Estupendo post! Gracias por la información! Me encantaría verte pronto por mi blog! Feliz día! ♡♡♡

4 years ago

Such a gorgeous look!
I love the 'romantic' touch it brings 🙂

Xx, Angela