How It All Started

When I was a child I dreamt of conquering the world. I had it all planned and it was so clear in my mind how I was going to become successful and do everything I wanted by the age of twenty. Uau! What a ride it has been since that thought to now! Life showed me so many turns and experiences that I could not even have imagined it could possibly happen. Now, photographing landscapes, animals and having it all featured in fashion feels like the pieces of a very difficult puzzle have finally been found.
Many people ask me How did you become a photographer? And why fashion? After I have danced my way through life, learnt languages, written books and travelled the world this is what happened. After I wrote my first novel, One Way Trip by Cris A Santos available on Amazon I needed to photograph landscape images to produce a book trailer for my novel. HERE 

So, when I watched the book trailer of my novel produced with my images, I knew that was the career change that I wanted. Thinking back, this was actually one of my first passions in life – Photography and Fashion as I was modelling from a very young age. So I enrolled myself in a Photography and Design course. Initially, I started selling images and canvas online, I was lost because I had to compete with thousands of photographers. Until one day, I received an email from Vida inviting me to become a Vida Designer.

This is scarf is from my Vida collection. See full collection here.

Vida also has an educational program, so when a person purchases an item from Vida, this person is not only going to wear and live art. This person is also giving hope to a family in Pakistan where the beautiful work of art is being produced, as they help the people working for them and their families providing them with an opportunity to learn. From there, I became a collaborating artist with Vida and two other companies Redbubble and Zazzle, and PhotosbyCris Designs was born please click PhotosbyCrisDesigns to see Full Redbubble and Zazzle Collections

Redbubble by PhotosbyCris Designs

Zazzle by PhotosbyCris Design

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Today I have a great gift for you! Buy items from Vida by PhotosbyCris Designs here and receive
$15 Off Use Code ARTSTYLE15
$100 OFF $275
$250 OFF $650
Offer expires on 28/05/2017. So hurry!
Thanks for all the love ♥♥♥
Have a great weekend Cris

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