Five Simple Ways to De-Stress

Okay, life is busy and nowadays, it seems to get busier by the minute. Work, children, study, and cooking are just a few things in the middle of thousands that we need to do everyday. It is very stressful! It is hard to find or make time to stop. However, making time for ourselves is really important. All you have to do is find a place where you can stop for a few minutes and practice these five simple ways to de-stress.
Walk in the woods. Or a park nearby, and while there remember to breathe deep and slowly a couple of times.

Feel the warm sun on your skin.

Hug a tree. You will love the exchange of energy with nature.

Touch the water. If possible, close your eyes and feel the water run through your fingers.

Empty your mind, look at the beautiful scenery around you and listen to the birds.

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Have a lovely day! ♥♥♥
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paula mcclelland
6 years ago

Love this post! You could add: pat someones dog – that's a free pleasure 🙂 ((Unless you're allergic))

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

6 years ago

Thank Paula. So true, be around animals is an excellent way of forgetting about the problems. Thanks for the tip. Have a lovely day xoxo Cris

6 years ago

Great Post<3
Have a nice day.

6 years ago
Reply to  SwissTwins

Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day too. xoxo Cris

Anja Ge
6 years ago

Oh, this is so cool! I will try the water thing 😀
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Tuesday!

6 years ago
Reply to  Anja Ge

Hi Anja, thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate your lovely comments. Yes you should try it! It is really good to release stress. Have a beautiful day! xoxo Cris

Anja Ge
6 years ago

Cool post! <3
Happy Monday!

6 years ago
Reply to  Anja Ge

Hi Anja, thank you for your lovely comment. xoxo Cris