A Piece of Paradise in NSW

Not far from the Gold Coast, just past the Queensland border there is a hidden piece of Paradise called Fingal Head.

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As soon as you arrive at Fingal Reserve, be prepared to let nature take your breath away as it welcomes you to walk through a beautiful road that creates a natural arch with tall trees meticulously standing on both sides forming an arch over your head. Take some time here to enjoy the view, and as you walk look around you and breathe the fresh air.

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After a stunning short walk through the woods, we finally arrived at the top of the hill to be gifted by this amazing view.

Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. Go for a walk, and be surprised by the unique beauty of this area.

Make sure to get some pictures of the beautiful lighthouse. There is a lot of history here too, from James Cook’s visit to the construction of the Lighthouse.

If you can stay for the stunning Sunset do not think twice. Bring your camera and you will not be disappointed with the show displayed by nature. All the images above were taken by my 11 year-old son, I am so proud of him.
This is the tree featured on my bag in these images. It was taken during the golden hour (sunset) in a previous visit.

And the beautiful lighthouse.

Thank you for being here with me.
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Bag and Scarf: Vida by PhotosbyCris Designs www.photosbycris.net Shop Vida
Location: Fingal Head, NSW – Australia
Photographer: TC
Lighthouse and Tree images: Cris by PhotosbyCris
Post process and creative director: Cris by PhotosbyCris

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6 years ago

Thank you so much. xoxo Cris