The World of Vintage Shades

Good morning my beautiful friends, 
Let me introduce you to THE WORLD OF VINTAGE SHADES where tradition meets expertise and transforms the finest pure cashmere into a work of art. The worldwide renowned luxury brand is known by its luxurious shades that only tradition can deliver. Use code Cris20 to get 20% off your next purchase/

I am very honoured to have received this amazing luxury item of pure cashmere that The World of Vintage Shades sent to me. They embroidered the name of my brand PhotosbyCris on this stunning stole with genuine Swarovski Crystals. I cannot explain with words accurately the beauty of such item. However, the images may speak a million words, I would like to give an extension of what is like to have the pure cashmere against my skin. It has a softness and light touch yet warm and incredibly fine. Check PURE CASHMERE WITH SWAROVSKI collection to discover more.

 The quality of such an item is outstanding. The stoles of Vintage Shades are not just fashion items but an investment of a timeless fashion product made from the highest standards of the Art of Cashmere. 

Visual followed by the touch can awake a world of feelings.  SHOP ONLINE the most beautiful handcrafted, ponchos, blankets, scarves with Swarovski, fur, hand painted, lace, print and plain. Don’t forget to use code Cris20 to get 20% off your next purchase.

Vintage Shades is dedicated to preserve and celebrate the beauty, tradition and romance of the truest Cashmere.

– Rajneesh Nanda | Founder

Beauty, style and luxury starts HERE followed by pure quality cashmere. 
Have a wonderful week. 
xoxo Cris

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