Yoga, Diet and Fashion: Three Key Elements to Motivation

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Yoga, Diet & Fashion: Three Key Elements to My Motivation

Guest blogger: photosbycris

It is clear to us all that exercise is an important and fundamental part of our busy everyday lives.

More and more, we are bombarded with diets and how to get in shape without exercise. Yes, it is right, I am a living proof that it is possible to lose weight without exercise, however, is it beneficial? The short answer is no. Recently lost 15 kilos, yes I lost weight rapidly due to personal matters in my life. At first, I thought great, now all I have to do is keep it off. So, I cut sugar from my diet, it was the best thing I could’ve done. I started eating a clean healthy diet, it was also another amazing step in the direction of keeping my weight low.

After a while though, I noticed that my muscles were had begun to diminish. I was slim but not toned. I was the weight I wanted to be, but I was unfit. I decided to slowly implement exercise into my daily routine. I started with Yoga! Why Yoga? Because it was a gentle process to begin body moving again in a conscious way without an overdose of cardio that I knew I would not respond well to.

I knew I needed to look after my body as well as my mind, and yoga was the perfect fit to get me back on track of a daily exercise routine. I managed to practice from the comfort of my home because of my busy schedule. I also took advantage to practice on the beach, while breathing fresh air and enjoying outdoors.

It’s worth noting that I had a strong practice of yoga in the past for many years, this helps me now as I try to follow classes to make sure I do it safely. If you are unfamiliar with yoga it’s a good idea to begin in a class environment where you can benefit from the guidance, support, and adjustments of your yoga instructor. Yoga was not only a great exercise to get me moving again, but it was also playing an important role in shaping my lifestyle to a healthier and a happier one.

To keep myself motivated and encouraged, I decided to exercise every day and I noticed that wearing the right clothes was a form of motivation. When you feel good on the inside you start to care more about how you look on the outside. It felt good to invest in activewear that was easy to move in but also lifted my spirits.

Have you ever noticed that what we wear is usually a mirror of how we feel? I realised that wearing a super cool, beautiful activewear outfits encouraged me to exercise. Soon, it became my favourite clothes to wear, not only for fitness but also as a casual look. Believe me, it makes a huge difference to how I feel.

I look at it as an investment in myself! An investment in my wellbeing and it motivates me to get out there and wear it!

When you buy something you love with a purpose the purpose becomes action. It will keep you moving, you invested in yourself, you invested in your health so it is more likely that you will wear it for a reason.

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Activewear is no longer for the gym only. It is comfortable, casual, fashionable style in its own right. It is for the health conscious people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle with style.

At this point in my life I I really wanted to find healthy products to keep me feeling great and gave me energy.

My search for the right supplements began and I found that the majority of protein shakes and energy bars were not always the best option, because some are packed with protein but are also packed with sugar and carbs. We all know that to look our best on the outside we must take care of how we feel inside.

I recently discovered Keto Diet supplements; A Doctor-Approved Clean Nutrition that has a selection of items that are low in carbs. All products are made in the USA. They are gluten free, soy free, lactose and dairy free. NON-GMO and it is paleo friendly.

What is a Ketogenic diet? It is a diet that lowers carbohydrates and blood glucose, the stored fat is broken down by the Enzyme Lipase, the fats are metabolised in the liver to ketones which will increase your energy levels and it is fuel for brain and muscle. Learn More about these amazing products.

My journey toward a healthy and well balance lifestyle has just begun and I want to encourage you to leave your comments below and let me know what is your favourite exercise and how do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to health, exercise and wellbeing.

Wishing you all an amazing day xoxo


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  1. Great tips Cris! I remember when I cut back on sugar a few years ago my I felt sluggish and tired at first. Once my body got used to the reduction in sugar, I started to have more energy.

    1. Thanks so much I totally agree with you, my energy level is very high, my skin and hair are looking much better and I feel like eating less. When I was having a lot of sugar in my diet I felt tired that led me to eat more sugar and carbs and made me feel hungry all the time. So cut down on sugar is a very good thing. I have a treat sometimes, which is okay as long as it is not everyday. Thanks babe have a great day xoxo Cris

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