The Beach Look from Heaven

Hello lovelies, 
It is Spring in Australia.  It can be tricky to know what to wear, however I found the perfect dress in one of my favourite online stores ROSEGAL  The weather can change from cool to warm in a very short period of time. However, it was not going to stop me from going to the beach. We had a few weeks of rain and as soon as the weather improved a little I visited Kingscliff Beach in New South Wales. Although it is a different state, it is only about 45 min from the Gold Coast in Queensland (where I live). As soon as I got there, I felt the light wind and could not resist to open my arms and let the sensation of pure freedom get through me. The dress was perfect to make me feel just like that – free like the wind and wild like the waves. The light material of chiffon with the lace flare sleeves are so beautiful and delicate. The design is feminine and elegant, the flowy sleeves make them a statement in their own right. The colour is so beautiful, it matched so well the blue of the ocean while contrasting with the fine white sand of Kingscliff Beach. This dress is really perfect for any occasion, be a stroll on the beach or wear heels and you are perfectly dressed to a party in the evening. Love the versatility of it. BUY IT NOW and Get 12%  OFF use code RGNancy.

While in Kingscliff I could not resist the temptation and danced away. Many of you know that my passion for dance remains in me. I danced for over 20 years, I tried several dance styles and danced for fun. My passion turned into a career for a while and I made my dream into a reality. It was not easy, I persisted for so long until I made the stage my second home. A place where I felt the most comfortable as a person.

I would like to encourage you all to follow your dreams, never ever give up, no matter what. It is important to be persistent, to keep going. Be a GOAL digger. I might be dressed like an angel from a perfect dream, but I am a nightmare when I want something. So, go for it! Don’t let anyone be in your way. Many will try to make you live a life that suits them but it does not suit you. If you give up in your dreams you lose yourself. So do not let that happen.

My second outfit here was a gorgeous BRIEF SPAGHETTI STRAP STRIPE DESIGN ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT I am seriously in love with this swimsuit the design, the details, the colour, all so perfect. It is a timeless beachwear. This swimsuit is absolute perfect for the beach, yacht or resorts. You choose, it is a must have piece that should be included in your suitcase for your next holiday. Get 12% off your next purchase USE CODE RGNancy.

Kingscliff Beach is in the Tweed Shire. If you follow my INSTAGRAM you would have noticed that I have been exploring the Tweed area in New South Wales. This beach is a popular location among surfers and tourists.

The vegetation is amazing. It welcomes you as you arrive here. 
While in the Tweed Coast make sure to stop and admire the native plants. 

Thank you for visiting. I hope your week is full of blessings! 
Don’t forget to always make the most of everyday! 
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